ESL Program

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  • Our Fall classes run from August - December and Winter/Spring classes run from January - May. 
  • Classes meet two days each week for two and a half hours each day.  We have daytime and evening classes in beginning, intermediate and advanced English. 
  • Please refer to our student handbook (English, Chinese, Spanish) for important information about our policies and procedures, including our attendance requirements for classes.  
  • Child care is available for evening classes by contacting our office (child care is for potty trained children and must be arranged by contacting our office, limited spaces are available in our child care program). 
  • All students will have an opportunity to purchase a textbook ($20) and workbook ($15) that they can write in and keep.  A class set of books will be available in the classroom for any student who does not purchase their own.  
Online registration is required for the Intake and Placement Test sessions.  Students must register in advance and will receive email confirmation of their enrollment in the session.  The Intake and Placement Test session lasts approximately 3 hours.  The session includes an overview of our program, a test in listening and reading (2 hours), and placement into one of our classes.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER FOR INTAKE / PLACEMENT   
All new students, and students who have not completed a Spring ESL class post-test, must take the placement test in order to register for an ESL class.  
Students who did not complete a Spring ESL class post-test must take the placement test in order to register for an ESL class.  If you took a class in Spring 2021 and took the end of class test in May, then you do not need to take another test.  If you are a returning student, do not create another account in our online system.  If you do not remember your log in information, please request a password reset or contact our office for assistance.  We will email you with your enrollment for Fall 2021 in late July / early August.