High School Equivalency

Pleasanton Adult and Career Education offers the

High School Equivalency Test (HiSET)!  


What is the HiSET?

Just like the GED, passing all 5 HiSET sub-tests will result in a high school equivalency certification (high school diploma equivalent) recognized by the California State Department of Education. Click here for the link to the ETS HiSET Information Page for Test Takers.


Preparing for the HiSET

We provide free HiSET preparation for adults with our credentialed teachers.  We use an online preparation program with in class / tutorial support as needed.  Email our office at adulteducation@pleasantonusd.net or call (925) 463-0616 to get started.  


Test Sessions & Registration to Test 

HiSET Test Sessions are held at 10:30 AM on the first Wednesday every month and 4:00 PM on the second Wednesday every month (subject to change). After signing up online contact our office at adulteducation@pleasantonusd.net or call (925) 463-0616 to request the day that you would like to test. Requests must be received at least 5 business days prior to the test date.


Please review California's eligibility requirements prior to registering for a test session. Testers are responsible for confirming their own eligibility.


Our students who prepare with our teachers will have their testing fees waived!

$140 for the full battery of tests (5 subtests).  This includes two free retests (if needed) within one year of purchase.  Note that students typically require two test dates in order to complete all five subtests.

- Full Battery (5 subtests)


$25 for a single subtest.

- Single Subtest



State Eligibility Requirements

To take the HiSET exam in California, you must be a California resident or a member of the armed forces assigned to this state and meet the following eligibility requirements:

  • Age: To take the HiSET exam in California, you must meet any one of the following requirements:
    • You must be 18 years of age or older or within 60 days of your 18th birthday (regardless of school enrollment status).
    • You must be within 60 days of when you would have graduated from high school had you remained in school and followed the usual course of study. (May not currently be enrolled in school.)
    • You must be 17 years of age and out of school for at least 60 consecutive days. You must also provide a letter of request from the military, a postsecondary educational institution or a prospective employer.
  • Residency: You must presently live in California or be physically present and have domicile in California for some appreciable length of time on a work or study visa, CA Code of Regulations, Title 5, Education, Section 11530(a). You must be able to prove California residency.
  • Test Preparation or Instruction: You are not required to take HiSET preparation courses before taking the test.
  • Practice Test: You are not required to take the HiSET practice test before taking the exam.
  • Identification: Identity and age must be verified by current photo identification at time of scheduling and/or before admittance to the testing room. Acceptable identification includes: driver's license or identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles, an identification card issued by the military, an identification card issued by the U.S. or a foreign government, a passport issued by the U.S. or a foreign government, a tribal identification card or an identification card issued by a postsecondary school. The identification must include your name, birth date, signature, photograph and address.
Are you over 18 and want to earn your high school diplomaClick here to learn about our high school diploma program.
PUSD Adult and Career Education offers FREE High School Equivalency preparation.  Please contact us at (925) 463-0616 or adulteducation@pleasantonusd.net to begin your learning program!